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Aku Siukosaari

Annual Report


Annual Report

Overview by the Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces

Finnish Defence Forces ready to assume new position in 2015

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Jarno Riipinen

Overview by the Commander of the Finnish Defence ForcesFinnish Defence Forces ready to assume new position in 2015

The year 2014 will have a special significance in the history of the Finnish Defence Forces. It was challenging not only because of the big internal structural changes that were being implemented, but also because of the changes that were occurring simultaneously in the operating environment. The Defence Forces have overcome these challenges in a confidence-inspiring way.

Following our defence reform, our wartime strength is now 230,000 combatants. In real terms, this is just over 4% of our population. Every twenty-fifth citizen is now committed to the military defence of our large country. According to our operational analysis, the size of our forces is now at a level that cannot be lowered any further without a reappraisal of our defence doctrine.

komentajan tunnus General
Jarmo Lindberg

Effects of the reformfelt in entire Defence Forces

Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations

Finnish Defence Forces chainof command as of 1 January 2015

Puolustusvoimien johtosuhteet
Anssi Tiusanen

Finnish Army activated thanks to defence reform

The defence reform will allow the Finnish Army to regain its previous level of activity from 2015 onwards. The Army will hold refresher exercises for at least 12,000 reservists each year, it will increase the amount of days spent in the terrain to 35 and it will increase the number of live-firing and combat exercises.

The implementation of the defence reform was brought to completion in the Army in 2014. The reorganised peacetime Army consists of the Army Command as well as of eight, restructured brigade-level units that are subordinate to the Commander of the Army. These units are the Karelia Brigade, Pori Brigade, Kainuu Brigade, Armoured Brigade, Jaeger Brigade, Guard Jaeger Regiment, Utti Jaeger Regiment and the Army Academy. The restructuring enables interoperability exercises and training several branches within a brigade-level unit.

Elias Koskinen

Navy ready and on thelookout for what lies ahead

The year 2014 was a combination of preparing for the introduction of the new organisation and of training and exercises activities. In August–September, the Navy organised one of the biggest international exercises ever to be held in Finland.

Exercise Northern Coasts 2014 brought together 3,200 participants from 13 countries as well as around 60 warships and twelve aircraft to the Archipelago Sea and the Bothnian Sea. The Navy successfully organised the exercise and feedback from participants is extremely positive.

Aku Siukosaari

Finnish Air Force ready to take on new challenges

The task of the Finnish Air Force and of the entire air defence is to deter threats aimed at Finland by air and to repel air attacks. The Air Force takes part in the Finnish Defence Forces’ operations together with the Defence Forces’ other two Services.

The Air Force’s peacetime and wartime organisations, operating procedures and capabilities have been revised in connection with the defence reform and work relating to the force structure. The Air Force reform and new capabilities for the Hornets and the surveillance and command and control systems enable the revision of the doctrine and allow for optimisation when threat situations change.

Simo Salminen

Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command:a prerequisite for operations

In 2015, the Finnish Defence Forces will have an even more cost-effective logistics system. Command structures have been simplified, overlaps have been eliminated and operating procedures have been harmonised. The system takes into account the requirements of troops and enables operability and operations at all levels of readiness.

The Defence Forces Logistics Command was formed at the beginning of 2015 by joining parts of the materiel commands of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the Centre for Military Medicine, the Häme Regiment’s Logistics School and the Defence Forces C5 Agency.

Jussi Laine

Defence Forces Shared Services Centre: a vantage point for administration

From 1 January 2015, to make its administration more efficient, the Finnish Defence Forces’ supporting services will be provided by the Defence Forces Shared Services Centre. The objective is to provide all Defence Forces personnel with uniform, simple and automated support services.

The Defence Forces Shared Services Centre brings together the usual financial and personnel services that are generally centralised in public administration. The centre also offers IT management services as well as learning material, image, audio and video production services. As its lynchpin, the Shared Services Centre has a Service Desk which is where customers address their queries. If the Service Desk is unable to provide the service itself, it will redirect the query to the appropriate Defence Forces’ service provider. Things have been made easy for the enduser: whenever there is a problem, they can turn to the Service Desk for help.

Julius Töyrylä

A new tune for military music

Chief Conductor of the Finnish Defence Forces

As a result of the defence reform, Finnish military music underwent the biggest transformation it has ever experienced during Finland’s independence. The newly organised military bands began their activities in their new locations at the beginning of 2014. The underlying reasons for the changes were the capability requirements of the military music field.

The reform was implemented at the end of 2013, at which time seven military bands and 78 tasks out of 264 were discontinued. To develop military music, four bands were reinforced to cover a larger geographical area. This also ensured the effective operations of the Guards Band and the Conscript Band of the Defence Forces.

Figures and graphs

Miika Soukkala
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